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We Know St. Petersburg Inside and Out! We Have Your Favorite Cars For Rent At Discounted Prices. Book with Us And Save Today! See St. Petersburg In Style!

St. Petersburg Florida is a part of the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area, the second largest metropolitan area in the state. Within the city limits there are many sights and attractions to see! In Downtown St. Petersburg you will find some points of interest, such as the Salvador Dali museum; the largest collection of Dali art outside of Europe. Another great attraction downtown would be the Pier. Many shops and stores line the pier to offer you, as a traveler and as a coinsurer, the luxury to dine and play with the best.

St. Petersburg is home to many wealthy people, and you can see the difference just driving thru the city and maybe venturing into Tampa or Bradenton. You will see why St. Petersburg is the best place to live in the TMA (Tampa Metro Region). With 300 days of sunshine every year, St. Petersburg is a close rival with cities like Phoenix and San Diego.

St. Petersburg is also home to the mother of aviation technology. The first ever commercial commuter Boat/Plane that offered daily service was stationed in this city. Since the advancements in ground transportation (i.e. Automobiles) the need for the daily service began to decline. You can still see the plane on display at the Museum of Fine Arts downtown.

Not only does the Gulf of Mexico offer moderate temperature all through out the year, it also offers great recreation for year round visitors. The area of St. Pete Beach is known as the boating capital of the world! St. Pete Beach is also revered as the best beach on Florida Gulf Coast! Millions of travelers a year flock to this beach in search of golden sunshine, and the energetic nightlife! All of this can be seen in your St. Petersburg Budget Rental car! Book now and save!