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Sarasota Premiere Rental Car Location! You Will Get Some Very Great Rates for Sarasota, FL. Best Deals in South West Florida!

Sarasota is located about and hour south of Tampa and an hour north of Ft. Myers. The history that surrounds the area is quite an impressive story. In the 1900 during the industrial revolution, John Ringling (Ringling brothers) began to build and develop the area. Over the course of 20 years, John had built a winter getaway for the well to do of the north east. What really makes this destination famous is the Circus! Sarasota is considered to be the circus capital of the world. Think this is an act? Well, Jonathan Ringling poured his entire life savings to build what we know to day as a circus performance. You can catch a world renowned circus performance while you are in town or you can even go to the Ringling museum. The museum offers many great chances to see old artifacts and historic displays.

Nowadays, you can enjoy all of the history and the modern day conveniences such as high end retail and dining. Large modern Movie theaters, and shopping malls that rival cities three times it size! Sarasota also has a secret. The beach! There are not a lot of public beaches in the area, but take a trip to Siesta Key and you will find exactly what you are looking for; white sugar sand beaches and gentle relaxing waves that roll on to the shore. There are several shops and restaurants that are on the beach. So you will have plenty of things to do. Sarasota is a jewel that should not be ignored. So when you are booking your Avis rental car, rent from a company who knows Sarasota; inside and out!