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Naples, Florida is what sun worshipers would call heaven. With just under 300 days of sunshine on average! Naples is just below the rain belt, the cause of the afternoon showers during the rainy season. So your chance of getting a NATURAL, golden, glazed body is prime! With over 1100 miles of coast line, Florida only has about 400 miles of actual beach. So Naples is one of the most popular beach destinations in south west Florida! With miles of sugar-white sand. Even though Naples is a popular tourist destination, most people are coming for seclusion, and relaxation. So you do not have to stake you claim like you would on more popular beaches.

Not only is Naples a wonderful place to get some one on one with the sun, There are also a large array of activities that will keep you busy for a couple of days! Naples is the most southern Florida city on the west coast. The Florida Everglades are right in its back yard! You can go on several guide tours or airboat rides with in the Everglades or you can take a self guided tour on foot or with a canoe. Canoe or kayak is one of the best ways to see this natural wonder up close and on your own terms! The wildlife here is protected and this is not only to allow the animals to flourish, but it allows us to see the natural existence with in our modern world! This un-touched wilderness is one of the very few places left in Florida that has not had to be transformed to be Glamorous or Magical. The everglades are just naturally beautiful! Also some of the worlds rarest orchids thrive with in the swamps of the everglades. You can also see an abundance of alligators and crocodiles along the canals and in almost every pond and lake! They really are nice creatures. Just do not get close to them!

Naples is best known for its beaches and Eco-adventures, but your trip is not over yet! You still have shopping and fine dining to do. Naples has very good dining options and plenty of high end shopping. This is South Florida so the living is on the higher end of the scale so do not expect to get great deals while you are here. But, the part of the trip that will save you money would be the discount Avis rental car that will take you to all of these fine destinations in Naples, FL!