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Kissimmee Gateway Airport is a small municipal located about 2 miles from the commercial center of Kissimmee. This is where you would pick up your Avis Kissimmee rental car. Kissimmee is a fairly large city just south of Orlando. Most of the off property hotels that service Walt Disney World are in Kissimmee. These hotel usually offer transportation to all of the theme parks but its very un reliable and will not take you anywhere other than the major theme parks. If you wanted to go to Gatorland, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Wet and Wild, Aquatica, or any other small attraction you would need a rental car to experience these attractions.

Kissimmee is a growing community with plenty of economic and recreational opportunities. To see all of what Kissimmee has to offer you would need a car and I know you will be pleased with the great rates we can offer. Eastern 192 is well know for its great deals on there rooms and attractions. Several tacky tourist discount shops and Miniature Golf spots dot the roadside. Large signs draw people in with slogans like “free tickets” or “$100 cash” also clutter the sides of 192. There is some beauty here though. Green Meadows Farm is located about 5 minutes from the resort side of Kissimmee. Downtown Kissimmee is also a great place to shop, eat and get a feel of some history.

Downtown Kissimmee is a lakeside commerce area with great downtown feel. There are no sky scrapers or mega malls but Kissimmee has so much to offer. Kissimmee hosts an annual bass fishing tournament which brings a lot of professional fisherman to this area. Kissimmee also has a civic center which holds medium scale venues such as realtor conventions, Builder shows, bar mitzvahs, and many other events. There is even a old world train station located right downtown. You can take a stroll down to the lakefront park and maybe stop by the legions memorial. Kissimmee is very rich with history ranging from the hay day of the Kissimmee River to the Battles of the Seminole Indians for the land that we no call home and you call a vacation. So when you plan you trip to Florida be sure to add one more stop in Kissimmee to witness just how the happiest people on earth live!