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Key West Rental Cars by Avis. Great Rates and Exclusive Deals on Car Rentals in Key West. Save Money by Booking Your Key West Rental Car with Avis Rent A Car!

Key West is at the end of a long string of islands south of the mainland of Florida. It is only a 4 hour drive from Miami or an hour flight. If you fly in the Key West international you will have the ability to get yourself a Key West rental car form Avis. Even if you fly to Miami and drive down to Key West you can still get the reliable service of Avis. Coming for a cruise? You can also get the reliable service of Avis!

Arriving in Key West, you can not help but notice the swaying palm trees and the distinct smell of the ocean. Key West has been thrilling visitors since 1950s but Key West has been home to many very important people; Black Beard, Ernest Hemmingway and Lou Gerig (just to name a few). Key West has also has been a very important shipping and trading location. Due to its location to Cuba and the other islands in the Caribbean, Key West served as the major transfer point for all of the United States. All of the islands history is pieced together and played as a fantastic symphony of colors and people. Anyone visiting this island can see the deep contrast between new and old, good and bad. Key West means a lot of things to a lot of people. To some it is a vacation, to others it means all night partying, and some even call the place home! Some people are under the impression that the island is very small and you could get everywhere you need to be by foot. This is true to some extent but the island is quite large, so getting a Rental Car from Avis will help you enjoy the island and all it has to offer.

Ok, so you have immersed yourself in the rich culture and history of Key West. Now you must see the forces of nature. Where the Atlantic meets the Gulf of Mexico, where three different trade winds coming form Africa, South America, and Mexico all converge to create the most serene climate. You can enjoy the nature above and below the surface. All through out the keys you will find several state and national parks that will stir your sense of eco-adventure! You will also find many great diving and snorkeling location just off the shores Key West. So come and bask in the hot Island sun on Smathers Beach, and party the night away on Duval Street! Whether you are arriving by cruise, plane, or bus. Just know that you can always get a great rental car from Avis in Key West!