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Jacksonville, Florida Premier Location for All of Your Rental Car Needs. Budget Car Rental Knows Jacksonville, and We Have The Best Discounts In Town!

Jacksonville Florida is the largest city by total size in the contiguous United States. So getting from one end of the city to the other can be difficult without a car. Taking a taxi cab will cost you almost 4 times as much as the cost of a discounted Budget rental car. Jacksonville has many great places to see and visit. The main reason most people come to Jacksonville is family or friends. Some people come for the sports. Jacksonville hosts some of the best football games in the entire southeast! The Jacksonville Jaguars have had quite the success story and the games they play have been an exciting battle every time. Every year Jacksonville hosts the Gator bowl and the town goes wild. You can catch this game and several others throughout the year.

Jacksonville is a prime spot for business. Jacksonville is home to may large banking and insurance companies that can offer you career opportunity. If that is why you are traveling to Jacksonville, you will need a car to travel from each company to deliver your resume. A hand delivered resume will be a nice touch to the way you are presenting yourself. So if you are planning to relocate to the Jacksonville Metro Area you will find plenty of high paying jobs in downtown and all throughout the metro area.

If you are just coming on a vacation, and you looking for something exciting to do, check out Jacksonville Beach! Jacksonville Beach is not as hot or hip as places like South Beach, or West Palm Beach but you can relax and get a great tan with no crowds. During the summer, the beach crowd builds up. Compared to other beaches connected to a large metro, it is pretty quiet. There are several shops and stores the line the beach, also several hotels ranging from very plush to economic. Anyway you want to spend your vacation, you can do it here in Jacksonville. Jacksonville also ports many large cruise liners that are bound for Europe and Bermuda. This is a jumping point for many cruising travelers that are going to see the world! So, from getting to point A to point B anywhere in Jacksonville, rely on Budget to provide you with your transportation needs!