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Rent you car for Sunny Fort Lauderdale Florida. Avis has the best Rental Cars for you to experience Fort Lauderdale in style! Reserve Today!!

Most people coming into Fort Lauderdale are coming for one reason: cruising! Fort Lauderdale is home to Port Everglades. Port everglades set a world record for the most people to leave one city at the same time. The population of Fort Lauderdale dropped by 40,000 people within an hour!

So lets say you are arriving by cruise ship and you are in Fort Lauderdale for the day. What is one to do? Get a Fort Lauderdale rental car from Avis. Fort Lauderdale has many great sights to see. Fort Lauderdale is about 50 miles north of Miami and about 60 miles south of West Palm Beach. The beaches in there are just as nice and ritzy as south beach but with less people and less tourist traps. There is actually a law in the city of that states that no building should cast a shadow over the beach until 4pm. So this gives you the most sun possible with in the day. After the day at the beach you can rub shoulders with the hot jet setters at shooters on the canal. Fort Lauderdale boasts itself as the Venice of America, with a sprawling network of canals that offer direct access to the ocean. These canals are also home to some of the richest people in the world! Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, and Donald Trump just to name a few! You can take a snorkeling trip and on your way you get a nice little tour of Billionaire Row. This is the most expensive lots of real estate in the south east! After your done swimming amongst the thousands of Atlantic Reef fish you can treat your self to a night on the town. Fort Lauderdale is not the most popular destination for small children so if you want to experience Fort Lauderdale the right way, leave the kids at grandmas house! Las Olas Boulevard is home to several popular night clubs and top shelf bars. Do not forget the beach front atmosphere!

If you have more time to see a bit more, you can make you way to a few shopping destination around Fort Lauderdale. If elegance and pristine upper class treatment is your version of shopping than The Galleria is the number one place to be. You will not find closeout sales or discount merchandise here. You WILL find that the service here is nothing but first class. It all comes with a price but you are on vacation, you can live a little. While you are in the mall you can get your car washed and waxed. You can also walk through the marble hallways and gaze at the top dollar designer clothing. If you actually want buy some things with out taking out a second mortgage you can visit Saw grass Mills shopping center in sunrise, FL which is only a 20 minute drive west of the beach. Here you can find some really great deals on clothes, toys (for the kids at grandmas house) and anything else you bargain-shopping heart desires!

No matter how long you are here for, there is something that will arouse your sense of adventure! Keep in mind that the public transportation in these parts of the world is very unreliable. So getting a rental car form Avis will give you the most out of your vacation!