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Southern Florida boosts some of the best weather in the U.S. Charlotte Harbor is a small unincorporated town that is cross the harbor from Punta Gorda. This is not a popular tourist destination, but there some great activities in the surrounding areas. You can visit the near by Ft. Myers or Sanibel Island which is only a 30 minute drive from Charlotte Harbor. South West Florida is well known for its beaches and its close proximity to the Florida Everglades. Charlotte Harbor and Punta Gorda is just a short drive from the Southwest Regional Airport. The South West Regional Airport is one of the most efficient airports in the state of Florida!

Charlotte Harbor is well known for its fishing and its real estate. Charlotte Harbor has always been known as the best value for your money in real estate in South West Florida! So if you are here to relocate or even to see family, getting a cheap Avis rental car will allow you to see all that the area has to offer!